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2009-07-28 Signing Up News
We've added a brand new sign up process for new Yipplers, watch this space! There's loads more happening with the Yipple.com Email system and best of all; it's a free webmail service! - Posted by Matt

2009-07-25 New Homepage Online News
Wow! It's finally here! The New Yipple.com email homepage is live and working. - Posted by Matt

2009-07-24 New Look Website News
After what seems like a huge break we're ready to launch the new-look Yipple.com free email service. Check back tomorrow for the new look email homepage which will be followed by lots of other new additions! Over the last 3 months we've doubled the number of Yipplers using their the free webmail system; all by word of mouth! Testiment to a reliable email service! Thanks again and check back soon! - Posted by Matt

2009-04-06 Update coming soon. News
We're working hard on the new look Yipple.com email website Read More - Posted by Matt

2009-04-02 Uptime Update News
Here at Yipple.com we've been busy for the last month tweaking our email systems and making the free email service even more reliable and secure. Such that Yipple.com has now been online and running for 444 days with no downtime! Something we're all very happy about! We're seeing a huge increase in the number of users to Yipple.com free webmail system so keep telling your friends and colleagues and we'll all grow this into something great for everyone! Thanks for all of your support so far! - Posted by Matt

2009-02-15 POP3 and IMAP Access Urgent News
POP3 and IMAP access is online and working. You can now access your Yipple account via Outlook (and all other POP3 or IMAP software). Don't forget, you can carry on using the Webmail interface too! - Posted by Matt

2009-02-07 387 Days Uptime News
Great news about the Yipple Free Email service, our email servers have been online for 387 days straight without any downtime! Also, a big thank you to everyone for your kind messages of support ? it?s much appreciated! Keep using Yipple, it?s free and tell your friends! The more popular it becomes, the better we can make it for you! - Posted by Matt

2009-02-03 New interface coming! News
Here at Yipple, we?re working hard on a brand new webmail interface along with making sure Yipple.com email remains fast and reliable. As always please keep your feedback coming in and suggestions about how to improve the free email service are always welcome! - Posted by Matt

2009-01-23 Firefox 3 Compatibility News
We've just completed a new upgrade to the Yipple Email system to improve functionality within Firefox 3 web browser. For those of you accessing Yipple.com email through Firefox 3, there is a special drop down menu during login to allow you to get the best possible experience when using your webmail. - Posted by Matt

2009-01-14 iPhone Support News
We've started adding in email support for your iPhones. It's called 'iPhone Push' which allows email to be sent live to your iPhone or Blackberry. This has also included new login and sign up pages for all webmail users. Check back soon for an update. - Posted by Matt

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